Events 2020

Here are the “out of the ordinary” days and events we had during the last months of 2020.

Terra Frutis & Fruit Haven Christmas Party

25 December

Christmas without lock-downs. Terra Frutis was invited to spend the day at the Fruit Haven ecovillage. We visited the waterfall, we had raw vegan gourmet Christmas meal, bonfire, live music & dancing.

Sunday Trip at San Jose, Shuar Village

20 December

We took a boat trip to meet and explore the community on the other side of the river. They are native Shuar people, and we enjoyed getting a glimpse into their lives. A volleyball game & a bath at the wild stream inside the Amazon rain-forest.

Thanksgiving celebration at Fruit Haven

28 November

Terra Frutis was invited to celebrate the day at Fruit Haven 1 community. Both communities enjoyed, tropical fruits, a raw vegan cake, the Fruit Haven 3 waterfall, a jungle hike, a thanksgiving raw gourmet meal, sun-gazing at sunset, bonfire with music, dancing and kundalini yoga.

Sunday trip with Fruit Haven at La Doloraza Caves in Gualaquiza

8 November

An adventure at the Amazon rain-forest. Waterfalls, caves, scorpions, crystals, mobile plants, streams, exotic fruits etc.

Terra Frutis & Fruit Haven Halloween Party

31 October

Halloween Party ? with guests from Fruit Haven. Raw vegan & fruitarian gourmet dishes, bonfire with guitars, cymbals, singing, dancing, projector with visual effects, meditation, yoga, hot tub and more. An unforgettable event.

Sunday trip to the Fruit Haven 5 waterfall

19 October

A last minute Sunday trip to Fruit Haven 5 waterfall. Fruit Haven residents joined us to experience together this beauty of nature.

Celebrating Jonathan’s birthday

5 October

Birthday party for Jonathan at Terra Frutis community. Fruit Haven 3 guests joined us for a memorable fiesta.

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Hi! I’ve been eying this website, and your YouTube page for weeks. I feel like it’s my souls calling. I’d like to come volunteer but was wondering if there were specific age range requirement? And how selective is it? If accepted, could I reapply or come back?
-Thank you!

Hi Stuti, we are open for volunteers age 18+. Most people who have read the website and are interested to join are accepted – we only accept people who seem suitable for the community. Once accepted your invitation is valid for 1 year, after which you would have to reapply.

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