Facility Rental

Host your event in paradise at Terra Frutis!

Whether it’s a healing retreat, educational workshop, meditation and yoga course, or something else, we can provide the facilities you need to satisfy your guests and make your event perfect.

We offer the following

  • Full facilities staff – kitchen, cleaning, hospitality, etc.
  • All food provided by our commercial-sized kitchen and kitchen staff (we can provide raw vegan or cooked vegan food depending on the needs of your event.)
  • Large octagonal building (100 m²) with wooden floor for presentations, yoga, etc
  • Dining hall (can also be used for classes, meetings, or educational presentations)
  • Hot tub and hot showers
  • Electricity and fast internet
  • Wireless microphones and a projector
  • Capacity for 14-16 guests in our cabins, and more in tents depending on the needs and type of your event

We have the perfect location

  • Southeast Ecuador, in the pristine montane forests of the Amazon
  • Comfortable, mild tropical climate (75-85 F / 24-30 C most days, 65-72 F / 18-22 C most nights)
  • 4.5 hours bus ride from the nearest airport (Cuenca)
  • Low-crime area (other areas popular for retreats, such as Vilcabamba, have a higher rate of violent crime against foreigners – we are in an extremely safe area and violent crime is almost nonexistent.)
  • Lots of local wildlife
  • Remote location (though still reasonably easy to get to), we are surrounded by nature
  • We can provide your event guests with super-easy directions for arrival from whatever airport they fly into
  • Bathing spot in pristine natural stream

Contact us for a quote!

Let us know, via our contact page, the details of your event and we will offer you a quote for the use of our facilities and staff.

Last updated on October 31, 2020