Rooms for Rent

We have various accommodation options:

  • Private bungalows
  • Rooms in shared bungalows
  • Open air platforms/far away rooms – this accommodation does not have wifi signal.
  • Camping spots – we can provide a tent and sleeping pad(s) if desired for an extra $25. The campsite covered by a large roof, so you do not need to worry about rain.

The minimum stay is 2 weeks. There is also a $100 security deposit per person, this is returned at the end of your stay. To secure a particular cabin/room, you will need to send the deposit in advance via Paypal or Bitcoin.

The prices above include utilities, 2 free laundry loads and 1 free dryer load per month, and a share of the fruit produced at the farm. We provide bedding and a mosquito net unless otherwise stated.

We have a shared kitchen with a fridge, freezer, high speed blenders and juicer. There’s also a community centre good for yoga or relaxing in the hot tub, and a dining hall which is a suitable workplace for those working online.

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Volunteers can choose from whatever accommodation is available when they arrive, and may have to move for renters.

Private Bungalows

$250 per month single occupancy, $350 per month double occupancy $150 for 2 weeks single occupancy, $250 for 2 weeks double occupancy

Bungalow 3

Bungalow 3 is a private bungalow situated near to the stream, and just a 2 minute walk from the community centre. It has an outhouse close by, so no need to go to the community centre to use the bathroom in the night. It is equipped with a double bed and a safe for your valuables, and has (weak) wifi signal. It is in a relatively secluded location 3 minutes from the driveway and with little foot traffic. There are peanut butter fruit, abiu, ice cream bean, copal and soursop trees nearby. The access path is lined with banana plants.

The Palmhouse

The Palmhouse is a 2 story building a 4 minute walk downhill from the community centre. It is set back from the driveway with a wide access path. The upstairs is for accommodation, and the downstairs is used for general storage and/or as a workshop during work hours. It is equipped with a king size bed with under bed storage, and is the only accommodation we currently have with electricity. It is out of range of the wifi signal. There is a balcony at the back of the Palmhouse, looking out over an orchard of jaboticaba, jackfruit, banana, papaya and apai trees. On the other sides, it is surrounded by canistel and peanut butter fruit trees. From the front porch, there is a breathtaking mountain view.

Rooms in Shared Bungalows

$200 per month, or $125 for 2 weeks

Bungalow 2

Bungalow 2 is a shared bungalow with 2 rooms. It is just a 1 minute walk from the community centre and just 1 minute from the driveway, so it is very easy to access. Room 2a has a view of the kitchen, dining hall. Both rooms have a view of mountains, the driveway and the citrus field, and are equipped with a double bed, shelves and a safe. There is good wifi signal. Staying in bungalow 2, you will need to provide your own padlock if you wish to lock your door.

Bungalow 5

Bungalow 5 is a shared bungalow with 8 rooms. It is located just a 1 minute walk from the community centre, and 2 minutes from the beloved bathing spot in the stream. The rooms are in pairs, each pair of rooms shares a door, with a curtain either side as you enter, separating the two rooms. Each room is equipped with a twin size bed, shelves, overhead storage for luggage, and a safe. At one side of the bungalow, there is a hammock area and sunbathing spot for relaxing. At the other end, there is a table and clothes line. There is an outhouse 2 minutes walk from the bungalow.

Some rooms have wifi, some do not. Please specify your preference about this when booking, and we will aim to put you in the room most suited to your needs.

Alternative Accommodation Options

$160 per month single occupancy, $260 per month double occupancy $95 for 2 weeks single occupancy, $160 for 2 weeks double occupancy

The Platform

The platform is an open air platform about 5 minutes walk away from the community centre. It is situated between the Palmhouse and the Old Cabin. There is a lemon tree, soursop tree and starfruit tree nearby, and a row of jackfruit trees just below the platform. There is no wifi signal at the platform.

The Old Cabin

This is a shared cabin with two bedrooms 6 minutes walk from the community centre. Both bedrooms are equipped with a double bed. Located at the cabin there are also a lockable storage room, a porch area and a room with a compost toilet. The cabin is surrounded by many different fruit trees. There is no wifi signal at the cabin.


$125 per month per person, or $75 for 2 weeks per person
Bring your own tent, or rent one of ours for an extra $25 per month

Bambus House

Bambus house provides shelter from the rain for campers. It can house up to 20 tents, and there is a dedicated outhouse next to it. Bambus house is only a 2 minute walk from the community centre, and there is (weak) wifi signal at one end of the shelter.

Last updated on April 29, 2022