Rooms to Rent

For a single occupant they cost $150 per month, or for only two weeks just $100. For double occupancy the price is $250 per month, or $200 for two weeks. There is also a $100 security deposit per person. This price includes your utilities, 2 free laundry loads and 1 free dryer load per month, and a fair share of the fruit produced at the farm. We provide bedding and a mosquito net. For camping, the prices are $100 per month or $75 for two weeks, and we can provide a tent.

We have rooms available to rent at Terra Frutis! We have private 1 bedroom cabins, 2 bedroom cabins, and an 8 bedroom cabin. Plus, we have lots of space for camping in Bambus House (a large open walled structure with space for 20 tents).

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Last Updated on October 11, 2020