What To Bring

Some warmer clothing (there are cooler times). Sweatpants and a jumper/fleece should be sufficient.

A waterproof coat or poncho.

If you bring bug-netting (as part of a tent, hammock, bug-net,…) it should be no-see-um proof (0.5 mm or less, normal mosquito nets are 1 mm) as some of the biting insects are much smaller than mosquitoes. Simple rectangular/bed-shaped bug-nets are available here.

Bring long-sleeved shirts and pants for work.

A flashlight or headlamp, preferably with good quality NiMH (like Eneloop) batteries (we have a charger).

If you bring electrical devices from Europe, UK,… you’ll need plug adapter(s). In Ecuador, plugs are of the USA type. The voltage and frequency is also like in the USA, check that your devices accept that.

Work boots are recommended. Most sizes are easily purchased in town (for about $8-$10). If you require larger than size 43 Euro (~10 US), it’s advisable to bring a pair of Wellington-style calf-height rubber work boots (a.k.a.”wellies”) with you, as the hardware stores here do not sell them in higher sizes.

Running shoes, sandals, quality knee-high socks, shorts, and a general hygiene kit (including preferred soaps, shampoos, and so on) are things to consider, as vegan and environmental products are not commonly sold here.

Your electronics: there is an import tax on electronics here, and as a result price are often 35-100% more than they would be in many other countries.

A wide-brimmed hat is very helpful for working in the direct equatorial sun.

A Spanish-English dictionary or other helpful materials (common phrase book, book on verb conjugations) will help with your Spanish language studies.

A bottle of Dr. Christopher’s Echinacea Angustifolia Extract (in glycerine) is a good idea if you are going to any tropical area, as it is proven effective in scientific studies to boost the immune system in case of snake or spider bite.

If you are flying from the USA (or other country) there may be items that we wish to ship to you and have you bring. For example, personal items that would be too expensive to ship down, or tools that are easier to find in the USA or Europe. If you have any luggage space for small items, please let us know, as we always have at least some small list of things that are useful to bring along!


We have some good quality mattresses that you can rent for $10 per month. Naturally, you are welcome to buy one or bring something depending on preferences.

There are possibilities to hang a hammock, but as the nights are fresh or cool, you’ll need an insulation under you as an underquilt (like the “Jarbidge River UnderQuilt” or the “Revolt APEX”) or a thin closed foam or inflatable mattress.

Then you’ll need sheets or sleeping bag.

Those renting a room or cabin will be provided with bedding.


  • Earplugs – the rainforest can be loud
  • Swimwear
  • A natural mosquito repellent
  • A reusable water bottle
  • Your musical instruments
  • Umbrella (but they are easily buy-able) or a raincoat
  • Reusable shopping bag(s)
  • If you want to use toilet paper, buy some in town before heading out to the farm. We don’t provide it; we encourage using leaves or water (we have a bidet).

Not to bring

  • Temperate climate plant seeds

Last updated on December 1, 2020