Internet access 3.0

A brief recap

As we didn’t publish here about what the “2.0” was, let’s start with a quick recap. The first main upgrade was getting a second provider (load balanced with the other). Although this proved useful, in a few occasions, we were still, up to a few times per month, without internet when the two providers were down at the same time (mostly because of power outage).

Two months ago Starlink notified us that they had started serving Ecuador and they were ready to ship the hardware.


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Our current setup of the “dish”

We disconnected the initial provider to replace it with Starlink (and give it a higher weight on the load balance).

We commonly get speeds of 100 to 160 Mbps for download and 15 to 25 Mbps for upload. It seems on weekend the download speed goes down to around 50 Mbps.

The latency (ping) is mostly in the thirties but varies quite a lot between 20 ms and (temporary) peaks at 190 ms.

The upload is a bit disappointing as it’s between barely better to a little lower than before.

We’ve had the Starlink only about a week ago so we’ll see how those evolve.

A big benefit for us is that we can stay online (as long as our small solar system permit) which is important for the ones of us who have an online job (or other appointments).

2021 Events

January 2021 Amazon Fruit Festival

A fruit party in the jungle at Terra Frutis. The Amazon Fruit Festival was a gathering of like minds in the heart of the tropics! It offered some of Ecuador’s finest fruits: sweet juicy mangoes, fresh young coconuts, local papayas and bananas, watermelon, rollinia, cherimoya, avocados, golden and white pineapples, passion fruit, and many more delicious fruits and veggies. A variety-filled salad bar was served along with raw toppings and dressings. Yoga, massage, nature hikes, raw food demos, hands-on permaculture technique workshops, talks, Q&A, grafting and plant propagation workshops, music, breathing earth’s cleanest air, bathing in fresh mountain streams, connecting with nature, meeting like-minded people, building the future.


Events 2020

Here are the “out of the ordinary” days and events we had during the last months of 2020.


Internet access

We now have internet access at the main property. No trip to town or stay at the Tambo property needed just for that reason anymore.


Website update in progress

This brief post to let you know that we are working on updating the website content. We want to make clearer what Terra Frutis is about, diet, lifestyle,…

Let us know with a comment what is unclear, missing,… so we can fix or add that.