2021 Events

January 2021 Amazon Fruit Festival

A fruit party in the jungle at Terra Frutis. The Amazon Fruit Festival was a gathering of like minds in the heart of the tropics! It offered some of Ecuador’s finest fruits: sweet juicy mangoes, fresh young coconuts, local papayas and bananas, watermelon, rollinia, cherimoya, avocados, golden and white pineapples, passion fruit, and many more delicious fruits and veggies. A variety-filled salad bar was served along with raw toppings and dressings. Yoga, massage, nature hikes, raw food demos, hands-on permaculture technique workshops, talks, Q&A, grafting and plant propagation workshops, music, breathing earth’s cleanest air, bathing in fresh mountain streams, connecting with nature, meeting like-minded people, building the future.


Events 2020

Here are the “out of the ordinary” days and events we had during the last months of 2020.