Our Facilities

We may be located in a peaceful & remote location in the Amazon Jungle, but over the past several years our members and volunteers have made significant headway in building infrastructure with the capacity for ~50 people to live comfortably at Terra Frutis.


We have a large communal kitchen with 4 sinks, refrigerator, freezer, 2 large food preparation areas, and a 4-burner gas stove.

Photo of an outdoor kitchen with 3 sinks visible, a refrigerator, a chest freezer, a 4-burner gas stove, 3 blenders, 1 food processor, a lemon juicer, two large food prep areas, two water filters, compost buckets, seating for 5, and a wide variety of bowls and cutlery.
Our Community Kitchen meets the needs of many people cooking (or not) simultaneously

Click here for more information about our kitchen facilities.

Showers & Laundry

We have 4 showers with hot water.

Four red metal shower stalls with the lush jungle hillsides in the background
We can provide very hot showers to one or a few people simultaneously.

Click here for more information about our shower facilities.


We have a number of rustic bungalows and camping spaces.

Photo of a mattress on a wood & bamboo platform with a metal roof overlooking a jungle-forested hillscape. The mattress is covered with a hanging mosquito net.
Sleeping in the Amazon Jungle

Click here for more information about our sleeping facilities.


Our dining hall has several tables for coworking.

Photo shows 6 tables. Some of the tables have laptops on them. They are also cluttered with many other items, including various pieces of electronics in various states of disrepair.
Coworking Space

Click here for more information about our coworking facilities.


We have two locations with both sit and squat compost toilets.

Photo of a small structure with two doors and a sink on its exterior wall
Toilet by Bungalow 5

Click here for more information about our toilet facilities.

Community Center

Our community center is a large octagonal building with wooden floors.

Photo of over a dozen people sitting cross-legged on yoga mats and pillows inside a wooden, octagonal structure with large screened-in windows looking-out at a lush green forest.
Community Center Yoga

Click here for more information about our community center.

Art & Recreation

We have many card games, art supplies, and musical instruments for all your art and recreational needs.

Photo shows a push cart with shelves cluttered with art supplies (colored pencils, pains, crayons, paper, chalk, sewing) and games (decks of cards and card games)
Crafts & Games

Click here for more information about art & recreation facilities.


Living in the remote edge of the Amazon Jungle has some challenges, but we take your safety and the security of your possessions very seriously.

Photo of a cabinet branded with a red cross mounted to a wall
Community Med Kit

Click here for more information about our safety infrastructure.

Last updated on October 19, 2023

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