Project Vision

We envision a shared future of creating a fruit forest while reducing harm to plant and animal life. Our aim is to influence, educate, and be a functional example for the world, showing how to provide for one’s own basic needs. We seek independence and relief from fiat-based economies and hierarchical structures through the cultivation of a decentralised, friendly, and compassionate environment. Striving towards self-improvement in our communication and total health, we choose to appreciate the abundance and enjoy life.

Project Mission Statement

The mission of Terra Frutis is to spread symbiotic polyculture fruit forests throughout the tropics and subtropics so that we can produce abundant food for humans in a sustainable manner without destroying the world’s delicate ecosystems or our own health. We plan to educate and influence farmers and consumers regarding vegan methods of regenerative agroforestry and decentralised commodity production as well as healthy eating and lifestyle. Through the creation of small-scale, self-sufficient communities of empowered individuals meeting their own needs, minimising harm to all animal life, and leading physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy lives themselves, we will provide an example that will propel our ideas and methods across the earth. Via successional reforestation of pastures, deserts, and other areas destroyed by conventional farming and lifestyle habits, we will begin to heal the earth’s ecosystems from the damage caused by human societies. Via extensive outreach programs, educational literature, and sustainable fruit-forestry courses, we will share the information and techniques necessary for individuals and organisations to take on a similar mission.

Last updated on October 28, 2020