Showers & Laundry

At Terra Frutis we have several showers, a washing machine, and a dryer.


Located centrally (next to our kitchen and dining hall), we have a shower building. With four (4) individual shower stalls, you’ll almost never have to wait in a queue to take a shower at Terra Frutis 🙂

Photo of a white utility box branded "instamatic" and "GO-179". In the background are the shower stalls.
23 kW instant gas hot water heater (max flow rate = 26 liters per minute)

We have a very powerful gas, instant, hot water heater. At 23 kW and a max flow rate of 26 liters per minute, we can provide very hot showers to one or a few people showering simultaneously.

Hair Dryer

In the high-humidity of the Amazon Jungle, it can take a long time for hair to dry. For this reason, we have a communal hair dryer (1,875 W) located next to our showers.

Photo of a black hair dryer hanging next to a steel sink with a small table full of toothbrushes next to it.
Revlon Hair Dryer (1,875 W)

Washing Machine

We have a Samsung washing machine with 17 kg capacity.

Photo of a large washing machine branded "Samsung"
Samsung washing machine (17 kg)

For information about our fees per load, see our Schedule of Fees

Clothes Lines

We have a large, roof-covered area with wire clothes lines behind the dining hall.

Photo of 8 very long clothes lines under a roof on the side of a building
Clothes Drying Lines


We have a 237L, 6.44 kW Whirlpool dryer. Very useful for drying sheets & towels in rainy season.

Photo of a gas clothes drying machine branded "Whirlpool"
Whirlpool gas dryer (237L, 6.44 kW)

For information about our fees per load, see our Schedule of Fees

Last updated on October 19, 2023

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