We take the safety of all our visitors and their possessions seriously.

Unfortunately, we have had instances of theft. Items targeted are usually laptops and cell phones.

Door Locks

If you stay in one of our bungalows, you’ll be given a key to the door, which has a simple knob lock.


We have multiple CCTV cameras with nightvision recording our community spaces and the road.

Photo of a night-vision camera
CCTV cameras (with nightvision) record common space 24/7.


We have dozens of small electronic-keypad safes available to lock-up your valuables.

Photo of a blue safe with a numeric electronic keypad and a key cylinder
We have many electronic safes for valuables

Safes are available both in common space and in your bedroom.


We have a 10 lb 13A55BC fire extinguisher located between the kitchen and the dining hall

Photo of a large red fire extinguisher attached to a wooden post on the side of a building
Community 10 lb 13A55BC Fire Extinguisher


We have a community med-kit with basic medical supplies like gauze, tape, and antibiotic ointment. Common pharmaceutical medications are available from numerous pharmacies in Gualaquiza. If you require medications, we recommend that you bring what you need to Ecuador.

Photo of a cabinet branded with a red cross mounted to a wall
Community Med Kit

There are venomous snakes and spiders on our property. As well insects with the most painful stings in the world.

Antivenom is available at the hospital in Gualaquiza about 1 hour away. Healthcare treatment is free in Ecuador. You must present your passport to be treated.


Our water comes from a spring on the property, but it is not advisable to drink ground water in Ecuador.

We have filtered drinking water in the kitchen.

The streams on our property are safe to swim-in, but the Zamora river that borders our property is not safe to swim-in. There is a large copper mine upstream.

Last updated on November 6, 2023

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