Community Center

Our community center is a large octagonal building (100 m²) with wooden floor. Its large (screened-in) windows on the hillside provide an excellent view of the forested rolling hills that straddle the Zamora River.

Yoga Space

With ample floor space, sturdy hard-wood floors, and a vista of the beautiful Amazon jungle, the Community Center is the perfect place for practicing yoga.

Photo of seven people doing yoga stretches in a circle atop various-colored yoga mats atop a hardwood floor in a screened-in structure with a view of trees in the background
Our Community Center is the perfect place for practicing yoga

We have several communal yoga and Jiu Jitsu mats.

Presentation Space

Our community center is equipped with a projector.

Photo of five people playing musi in a dark room. There is a projected image on the wall of some abstract visualizations.
Projector in Community Center

The community center has large curtain-less windows, so presentations are best in the evening after the sun has set (so the projection is visible).

We also have a PA system with wireless microphones available for larger audiences.


Our Community Center is equipped with a small library of books.

Photo of a doorway with two bookshelves on either side. Above the doorway is a Seed of Life. Next to the bookshelf on the right are various crystals, Nepali prayer flags, and a cork board with several information papers on it.
Community Center Library

We also have a digital lending library, available upon request.

Hot Tub

The Terra Frutis Community Center is also equipped with a 6-person (2.4 m³) hot tub.

Photo of a large water pool with blue tile. Through the large screened-in windows, behind the pool, we can see a structure, a large pile of coconuts, and lush jungle
Community Center 6-person (2.4 m³) hot tub

Last updated on October 19, 2023

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