Art & Recreation

We have many resources at Terra Frutis for recreation, entertainment, and creative expression.

Dining Hall Games

We have a cart in the dining hall with decks of cards, other games, notebooks, drawing supplies, painting supplies, and toys for children

Photo shows a push cart with shelves cluttered with art supplies (colored pencils, pains, crayons, paper, chalk, sewing) and games (decks of cards and card games)
Crafts & Games


We have a volleyball net.


We have two bicycles that are available for use by community members

Photo shows two mountain bicycles, a wooden crate with helmets, a volleyball, and a football
Community Bicycles

Musical Instruments

We have guitars and drums.

Photo shows a guitar case, two guitars, two large drums, a colorful xylophone, and a bamboo pole
Community Center Musical Instruments

We try to take care of our communal musical instruments, but they do get damaged with use. If you’re a musician, we recommend that you bring your own instrument with you.


Our daily group work (maintaining the land and the fruit trees) can be very labour-intensive. But if you’d like an additional workout, we also have a pull-up bar at Bungalow 5.

Photo shows two hammocks and a pull-up bar under a roof
Bungalow 5 pull-up bar

Ju Jitsu

We have four (4) Ju Jitsu mats.

Two people practice jujitsu in the center of a circle of onlookers. One person is laying on a matt and another stands over them. An instructor stands next to them.
We have four Jujitsu mats.


We have communal yoga mats in our community center.

Photo of a pile of yoga mats next to a bench.
Community Yoga Mats

Hot Tub

We have a hot tub in our community center.

Photo of five people soaking in a large hot tub inside a screened-in structure. Through the large screened-in windows, we can see a structure, a large pile of coconuts, and lush jungle
Community Center 6-person (2.4 m³) hot tub

Last updated on October 19, 2023

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